Safi Kerol Disinfectant

SAFI KEROL DISINFECTANT is a powerful general purpose disinfectant for farm and home use. It is also recommended for disinfecting foot-dips, wheel dips and sterilization of infective material in case of infectious diseases.

Product Brief

  • Direction of Use
    Always add water to the disinfectant, not the disinfectant to water. Add a little water at a time with continued stirring until a dirty white dens emulsion results. One liter makes 600 liters of disinfectant fluid for general purposes. Use half a tablespoonful or 7.5ml to 4.5 liters or 3.89 liters of water.
  • 1. FOR HOME USE: For general disinfection dilute 1:600
  • 2. FOR FARM USE: For disinfecting kennels, cowsheds, stables, poultry houses pig sties, etc. dilute 1:600
  • 3. FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES: For sterilizing infective material dilute 1:300. Use one tablespoonful or 15ml to 3.89 liters of water

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