Safi Sanclean

SAFI SANCLEAN is a natural disinfecting liquid that has double action (two in one solution) for all types of cleaning and disinfecting requirements and hence there is no need of using any other disinfectant separately. It can be used to clean and disinfect kitchen floors, toilet floors, toilet bowls, kitchen sinks and all types of surfaces at any water temperature.

Product Brief

  • Direction of Use
    1. Add 125 ml of SAFI SNCLEAN in a quarter bucket of clean water to make a dilute solution. Clean the surface using the solution with a mop/hand scrub.
  • 2. FOR LINEN: Soak the cloths for 30 min in the solution (incase of highly stained cloths increase ratio to make solution concentrated). Finally, rinse with water.
  • 3. FOR TOUGH STAINS: Squeeze out SAFI SANCLEAN concentrate onto wet sponge and apply on the area to be cleaned. Finally, rinse with water.
  • 4. FOR TOILET BOWLS/URINAL PITS: Squeeze SAFI SANCLEAN into the toilet bowl/urinal pit and leave it for 20 – 30 min. Finally, brush and rinse with water.

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